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Store-Inventory Management System

In this module, Institute manage our inventory and store for all construction works like Administrative block, academic block, library, labs, hostels, and other Building construction/maintenance works


  • Items feeding system (raw material, finished goods)
  • Items minimum and maximum level (ROL) for requisition and stock keeping.
  • Various Departments entry (like Admin Building, Accounts, Main Block, Civil Block, Boys Hostels, Girls Hostels, etc.)
  • Contractor & Supplier Entry
  • Various Jobs Entry (like Electrification, Building Construction, flooring, office equipment, etc.)
  • Items grouping entry (like Building materials, electrical equipment, office equipment, etc.)
  • Various Store entry
  • Items Manufacturer feeding (to show manufacturer wise stock positions)
  • Stock Transfer System – receipt & Issue of stock (to various department, jobs for various contractors)


  • Prepare Stock Register (Item wise, Group wise, Month wise, Date wise)
  • Re-order item list (by minimum re-order level)
  • List of Items group wise
  • Movement in department, jobs, Items, contractors
  • Daily Stock Position Report
  • Stock Summary report (department wise, job wise, group wise, items wise, month and date wise)