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Modules Features

Online Classroom Solution with Online Examination

Independent module

No dependency on any third party Software/Utility

( Zoom / Google meet / WhatsApp etc.)

Online class/exam will be scheduled by the teachers through their teacher’s mobile app. Therefore, student will not confuse which class/exam they have in line through their student’s mobile app.

Teachers and students get properly connected and no one’s number will be shared with anyone. Therefore unnecessary communication will stop.

Notification of the online class/exam scheduled will be sent to students automatically. No need to send WhatsApp/message for the class/exam to students.

Current Online class/exam will be highlighted to eliminate any confusion before joining it.

Automatic subject wise attendance of teachers and students will be taken by the software. Therefore there is no need to spend time in taking attendance.

Managing homework will be very easy. Teachers just need to upload the subject wise homework in intended class. Students will get a notification for that. After doing the homework, students just need to upload it in their respective subject through their app by clicking the picture. Teacher can check them and comment on it, then and there.

Student can raise their query through written communication to teacher and it will be highlighted to teacher (by raise hand and chat).

Teacher will have a facility of sharing screen/white board in which he can share, write, Show pre-prepare teaching contents (pdf/images/doc/xls/ppt/etc), draw or indicate, it will be visible to all students taking class.

Students can also share his (pdf/images/doc/xls/ppt/etc) to teacher.

Principal can view

  • Total scheduled classes/exam
  • Done classes/exam
  • Active classes/exam
  • Upcoming classes/exam

at their own dashboard and monitoring the classes.

Only a PC/laptop/Tab/Mobile with normal camera & good internet connection required at teacher’s end.
Android App(On Play Store with the name of School)

Online class/exam student’s Attendance report Date, Time & Class, Subject Wise will be available.

Create question paper by the teachers through their mobile app.

Conduct online exam also